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prototyping user journey (UI/UX), Adobe InDesign in report layouts, using Adobe Premiere Pro to create a series of facilitation videos

From June-August 2019, I was a summer intern at Eskolta School Research and Design, Inc. in New York City. Eskolta is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping urban public schools re-engage teenagers who are at risk of dropping out.


Using a data-driven, human-centered design approach, I was attracted by their use of design thinking to reframe student learning. I built a series of facilitation videos and mockups for the launch of the Eskolta Learning Center
(an online professional development platform).


ELC Mockup.png

An example of a lo-fi mockup a fellow colleague and I made up for the Eskolta Learning Center.

  • Testing should involve asking our target audience about their experience (i.e teachers testing the platform).

  • 1-on-1s with your supervisor are a useful time to recap goals, deliverables, and difficulties.

  • Get to know as many people as you can outside who you're introduced to -- they give valuable insight, especially in a new environment.

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