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WeClean was also one of the 70 entries chosen by Global Grad Show to be highlighted from a group of 390 entries, received from students and professors in 125 universities in 40 countries.


AR (Adobe Aero, Spark AR Studio),

user research, Figma


In March 2020, as universities closed and government quarantines set in, I was fortunate enough to be part of a 5-person team taking part in a COVID-19 Design Challenge hosted by John Hopkins University (Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design). Over the 4 days, we built WeClean in response to a problem statement on the danger of community transmission:


We Clean encourages better hygiene practices for families, especially where higher-risk grandparents or elderly interact with kids. This app uses AR in a series of everyday scenarios to improve handwashing, surface disinfection, and social distancing. As an incentive to keep playing, ways to engage the family and larger community are built-in.


Full write-up on our entire process coming soon.

Our final high fidelity prototype

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