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Kleiner Perkins Application
Design Intern (2021) | Dana Kurniawan
What impact do you want to have on the world and why? (250)
Much like other children, my 5-year old brother is a master of honesty and exaggeration. To want or be anything more than “better” is to want and be “the whole wide world”, as he gestures with impossibly wide eyes. But he is also honest, and offers a feeble “how?” to himself and others.
I’ve been learning to adopt the same “how?”, admitting I do not know the answers I thought I would by now. There’s an irony in this question, because the phrase “on the world” implies us positively impacting people’s lives, instead of examining the largely negative impact we already exert on this physical world. When I asked my mother why she didn’t do more, when they sounded the alarm bells in the 80s that this timeline only gets shorter and the problem more insurmountable, she said “well, it just didn’t seem urgent”. She is one of the most sensitive and caring people I know, I’ve never doubted that.

Although, I’m beginning to think that contributing to reversing our human impact could be my impact. I used to think the only certainty of every day was that I was certainly one day closer to my last. And yet, the realization of my own insignificance and mortality is what makes me acutely aware and motivated to work towards something larger and longer than my lifetime. It gives me comfort that by doing this, I have outlived today. Today, I strive to ask, listen, speak, write, and make urgently and honestly.

Describe your most meaningful experience(s) and why they matter to you (250).
On the 3rd floor shophouse of a mix jazz bar in downtown Singapore, I was shaking. Spoken word poetry has that way of laying bare all your nerves and words in front of a hundred or so strangers. It is the most immediate and empathetic form of storytelling, coming from the practice of oral histories and political movements. Designers are hidden by their design; developers in their code; writers in their words; photographers behind their lens, but poets lay it out to bare. 
I had always yearned for the confidence and vulnerability to do this. Usually, when you feel this buzz that makes your hands sweaty and your throat dry, you know you’re onto something. In between performances by veteran poets, a sorting hat of luck and fate made a shaking 17-year old manage to stumble on stage. The words were already in me—I could see my scribbles between the darkened faces of the audience.
Now, I only needed to utter them. 
It was an outer body experience. I have never felt so seen and heard. And I have never heard and seen so much.

my favorite poet Sarah Kay, who gives me the courage to write and speak.

Redesign a feature from any of the companies participating in the Fellows Program. You are free to focus on any disciplinary area that you are strongest with: Visual Design, Interaction Design, User Experience, and/or User Interface Design. You are also free to choose how you would most like to communicate and display your redesign. The interview team will be assessing your ability to think through a problem, come up with a solution, and defend that solution. Provide your submission with a link.
Redesigning the 'Community' Feature
Chosen company: Farmers Benefit Network
Feature Redesigned: Community
farmer's benefit nettwork.jpg
Target audience:
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